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Invest in Life

Rent A Home, Invest in Life

When people live in a neighbourly community they invest in life and experience meaning

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Today, the average person is becoming more socially isolated despite the seeming connectedness of the world. Most people don’t even know their neighbours well enough to feel comfortable asking for help in basic situations. Emotional and physical pain caused by loneliness is weakening our society.

At Inverness Homes, we believe that a neighbourhood is not simply defined as a group of nice houses near convenient amenities. A real neighbourhood is full of people who know one another.

We build homes for rent and facilitate regular community events that make it easy for people to become acquainted with their neighbours. When people live in a neighbourly community they are freed to invest in life and experience its meaning.

Do you love bringing people together? If so, we want to meet you!

We are looking for people with key characteristics


Do you easily see things from another person’s point of view? Do you give others the benefit of the doubt? Are you willing to share ideas and collaborate?


Do you thrive by putting others first? Are you someone who willingly goes the extra mile? Do you define success by how much people grow?


Do people know you as someone who is driven? Are you the kind of person whose week is planned out before noon on Monday? Do you love helping others stay on track?

Do you want to grow your career?

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